I know this place since , hmm , since 30 years, Hüttelbergstrasse ,  a very green point of Vienna with a Museum of Ernst Fuchs, a Campsite , a little Hotel and a Trattoria called “La Mama”.
It is a lovely small Pizzeria with a nice backyard between Flowers and Vines and with good Pasta and Pizzas.
The best site to escape the heat of the city to get some Ice cream or drink some Wine, like the “red ape”.
Trattoria La Mama red ape
And sometime some well known Artists were seen there in the past , like OPUS, Fendrich and many other Austrian Pop Singers. La Mama , a Trattoria with the heart on the right place! For you and your Friends!
Outdoor and Indoor!

Trattoria La Mama outdoor

Trattoria La Mama

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