This ferry across the danube, operating between Klosterneuburg and Korneuburg just outside of Vienna, is a wonderful relic from the era of true Slow Travel. It is a unique experience, since it is running completely without gas simply using the danube’s current as propellant.

This is a so called reaction ferry, which is a cable ferry that uses the reaction of the current of a river against a fixed tether to propel the vessel across the river. The Klosterneuburg-Korneuburg ferry operates using an overhead cable suspended from anchors on either bank of the river. On the cable the so called “traveller” is installed to which the ferry is attached by a bridle cable. When the rudder is turned, the ferry is angled into the current, letting the force of the stream move the vessel across. Isn’t that cool? Check out the video below…

The ferry transports pedestrians (max. 40), cars (4 slots) and bicycles. Cars with a trailer are transported to a max. length of 10 metres.

A single crossing with the car is € 5,70 (including the driver) and an extra € 2,30 for another adult passenger. There are discounts for return tickets.

While this doesn’t sound like a bargain, the short (and slow) trip including embarking and disembarking is well worth the price on a sunny day. It’s also recommended to include the trip with the ferry in an extended bicycle tour.

And I almost forgot to tell you one more thing: On either side of the ferry, there is a bar/restaurant. Especially the so called “Uferhaus” on the Klosterneuburg side of the Danube is our favorite. Fair priced drinks and food, very polite staff and a pittoresque scenery are worth a longer break. Check out the “Uferhaus” at facebook:

And since mindfulness and slow travel combine wonderfully there is also a small buddhist shrine behind the Uferhaus bar:


Address: Tuttendörfl 10, 2100 Korneuburg
and end of Rollfährestrasse, 3400 Klosterneuburg
Service times: 07:00 (8:00 on sat. & sun.) until dusk.

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