Located in Vienna’s former suburb “Schottenfeld” (now called “Brillantengrund” and part of Vienna’s 7th district) it reopened in 2011 as an original Austrian “Gasthaus” with all amenities the slow traveller of today is looking for: charm, atmosphere, local traditional food and kitchen, fair prices and of course friendly and attentive waiters.

Named after the beautiful town Krems on the Danube in Lower Austria ever since, it has served thirsty and hungry people, young and old since the days of the austro-hungarian monarchy.

This tavern, which roots go back to the middle of the 19th century is mainly frequented by locals from the 7th district, who either come here for their “Stammtisch” to talk about all kinds of stuff like politics, sports, women etc. while enjoying cold beers or to have a full course of dinner.

And there is plenty on the menu to choose from for under 10.- Euros in “Zur Stadt Krems”: soups, Gulasch, sausages, dumplings, Schnitzel, Cordon bleu, roasted liver with rice, roasted black pudding (blood sausage that is) with horseradish and many other traditional dishes.

Only some specialities like trout fillet “Müllerin” and our all-time-favorite “Zwiebelrostbraten” (traditional roast beef with onions and pickled gerkhin) cost 12,50 and 14,50 Euros respectively. It’s definitely worth every cent. Also be sure to relish something from the seasonal menu with specialities like mushrooms, asparagus and venison.

Visitors come here especially for the warm atmosphere with charming old wooden paneling and the retro style bar at the entrance. In the back of the tavern there is an old bowling alley, where guests can test their skills.

Locals at the “Stammtisch” are choosy. Therefore a wide array of Austrian (and Bohemian) beers are offered: Gösser Spezial,Starobrno, Schwechater Zwickl from the drought and Edelweiss wheat beer, Gösser Stiftsbräu and Wieselburger Stammbräu from the bottle (be sure to enter your date of birth for age verification when visiting these links).

Incidentally, the “Stammtisch” is a sometimes rather “sacred” place in Vienna and all over Austria. This, normally “Stammtisch” labeled, table is generally reserved for a group of regulars and you should therefore ask, whether you may sit here. In many if not most cases this is not a problem.


Address: Zieglergasse 37, 1070 Vienna

Phone: (+43) 01/523 72 00

Web: www.zurstadtkrems.at

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 – 23:30