You have slept a little bit longer on saturday? Want to escape the hustle and bustle Shopping Saturday? You want to talk a little bit to each other? , no problem , no wifi!! ;-D
Or you want to read a Book! Verlag der Provinz

There is place in Josefstadt, in the 8th district of Vienna, near the Piaristen Church behind the Josefstadt Theater, a nice little cafe called “Cafe der Provinz”. It´s like a living room extension, small floor lamps with small accessories, handmade tables with pleasant light.

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The cafe is all an All in One Cafe, Book and Food Store where you can get very good Teas or Coffee with Croissants and other healthy things. On Saturday you could have a brunch with good cheese, ham, eggs, waffels, wholemeal bread from the near-organic bakery.

All things you get there are organic , Wine, Tea, Coffee, Beer Soap ,TCM Food. It is not cheap, but it is worth.