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Ahh, there you are. Glad you found us in this noisy (online-)world!

Wonder what makes this site unique among travel sites? Here is why we launched SlowVienna.com, the alternative slow travel guide to Vienna’s less known and slower places:

We live in an age where traveling even to the most remote places takes only a few hours of flight. When arrived, many people have only very little time to see, what their glossy travel guides listed as the most famous “must see” destinations in their city or country of choice.

While being hurried from place to place in over crowded stage-coaches, busy tourists regularly miss out on the real beauty of their chosen destination.

Fortunately this doesn’t have to be! The ever more popular slow travel movement is gaining momentum as folks realize, that it’s all about slowing down rather than neck breaking speed.

It’s alright, you can afford to lose a day or two…
When will you realize… Vienna waits for you?

Billy Joel »Vienna«

We really feel sorry when visitors from all over the world come to Vienna only to visit a global chain like Starbucks for their “latte” rather than indulge in one of the numerous Viennese variations of coffee in a typical local “Kaffeehaus” with all its charms.

And what a poor Vienna experience, when visitors have their meals at McDonalds or Burger King rather than good, fine and mostly cheaper regional cuisine. Slow traveller know, that visiting the back streets can be more rewarding than dumb shopping on main streets.


  • Slow Travel is a journey without rush, it is a celebration of the moment and the relation with others.
  • Stay for a while and become part of the local flair – don’t be a hurried passing observer!
  • Engage with locals, don’t go with the crowd! Avoid the pilgrimage of mass consumption!
  • Take time and explore your surroundings and give the unexpected a chance. Real slow travel aficionados harness the magic of the unexpected moment.
  • Avoid the big tourist traps and hot spots and do take the byways.
  • Like a little child stops at every small “distraction” you should explore and wander.

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(Founder of SlowVienna.com)

PS: Not convinced about the slow travel approach? Read the “Slow Travel Manifesto” to catch fire. Slow is a revolution!